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iPad Puppet Show - Martin Luther King Jr.

Students Create an iPad Puppet Show about Martin Luther King Jr.

Students combine brief research, pictures and voice narration to create an iPad puppet show.

Students research information about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Students find and save images of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Students combine their images and research information to create an interesting and informative iPad puppet show.

The iPad app used here is Sock Puppets Plus. This is a digital storytelling app that allows students to choose different sock puppets, props and backgrounds to create their shows. This app has a maximum show duration of 90 seconds. Students must use planning, pacing, and rehearsal to create a concise and informative puppet show to fit within the 90 second time limit.

Grades 3+



iPad Puppet Show - Finished Example




Creating the Puppet Show

Students open the Sock Puppets Plus app on the iPad and create a "NEW" show.

Sock Puppets



Puppet Show Characters

Students select characters for their show.

Sock Puppets



Puppet Show Backgrounds

Students select backgrounds. Students can find and save images of Dr. Martin Luther King on the internet and then import these images to use as backgrounds for their show.

Sock Puppet Backgrounds



Puppet Show Props and Scenery

Students can select props and scenery for their show.

Sock Puppets



Students Record Their Show

Students tap record and then tap whichever puppet will do the speaking. Students can tap the toolbar on the right with their chosen background selections to change the background from scene to scene. A timer will appear to show students how much recording time is left once recording begins.

Sock Puppet Show



iPad Puppet Show - Martin Luther King Jr. Student Handout

Download: ipad-puppet-show-martin-luther-king-jr.docx

Make this handout available for students to use to guide their puppet show creation.

Puppet Show Student Handout MLK


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