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How to Collect Student Files with Dropbox and FileStork

Collect Student Assignments and Files with Dropbox and FileStork

Dropbox is a free online file storage service that students can use to upload assignments and other digital files to the teacher's Dropbox account. Students do not need an email account or a Dropbox account. Teachers can use the basic free Dropbox account to collect and store up to 2GB of data.

June 16, 2012 - UPDATE!! Unfortunately, This tutorial will no longer work as one of the companies, "FileStork" has closed their website as of June 15, 2012. You may want to try AIRDROPPER, a similar, but not free service. Airdropper also allows you invite students to send files to your Dropbox account without actually sharing your account or giving them any sort of access.



How It Works:

1) You place an upload link on your website, blog, wiki, bookmark site, etc..

2) Students click the link and are presented with a file upload form.

3) Students upload their file.

4) You collect the uploaded files from your Dropbox account.



Get Started:

You will use these two free services:

Dropbox for up 2GB of free file storage.

Filestork for you to create upload links and for students to send files to your Dropbox.


1) Go to Dropbox. Create Your Free DropBox Account.

Dropbox has free and paid storage plans. The free plan provides up to 2GB of storage. Choose a paid plan if you need more storage.

Dropbox for teachers



2) Go to Filestork. Create a New Standalone Request.

Filestork provides an easy way for teachers to create a web link for students to access a file uploader for uploading files to a teacher's dropbox account.



Fill in the Request Form.




3) Your File Request is Created.

Click the "View Details" link of your request.



4) Copy and Paste the Upload Link to Your Web Site.

Copy and paste this file upload link to your website, blog, wiki, etc.



5) Students Click Your Link and See This Upload Form.

When students click the file upload link on your site they will presented with a form that they can use to browse and select their files for uploading to your dropbox account. FileStork limits the maximum file upload size to 75MB.



6) Students Receive Confirmation .

Students receive a confirmation from FileStork that their file has been sent to your Dropbox account.



7) Collect Your Student's Files.

Login to your dropbox account to collect your student's files.