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How to Reverse Videos - Continued

How to Reverse the Audio

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This is part 3 of a 4 part tutorial that shows you how to reverse video and the audio with it using free software.


Step One: Extract the Audio File

We are going to take the audio track out of the video so we can reverse it. Open the decompressed-clip.avi file in Avidemux. Set the Audio to PCM. Click > Audio > Save.



Save the audio file as "normal-audio.wav". Make sure you add the .wav extension to the file name, then save. The audio file has now been extracted from the video file.



Step Two: Reverse the Audio

Open the normal-audio.wav file with Audacity sound editor. We will use Audacity to reverse the audio file. Click in the blank area on the left side of the audio tracks to select the tracks for editing.




Prepare Your Audio File for Reversing

To reverse the selected audio tracks, click Effect > Reverse. If you have two sound tracks (left and right) like the example below, make sure they are both selected before you reverse them.




Step Three: Export and Save Your Reversed Audio File

Export your reversed audio tracks as a WAV file. Click File > Export as WAV.




Save Your Reversed Audio File

Name your file: "reversed-audio.wav". Save.


You Now Have a Reversed Audio File!

All that is left is to add the reversed audio file to the reversed video.

Next Step >> Add the reversed audio to your reversed video


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