K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Cartoons for Comic Life & Graphics Programs Lessons

A Collection of Cartoons for Student Projects

Students can freely use these cartoons characters and objects in story telling projects, graphics programs, comic strip creations, documents, brochures, posters and other applications and projects.

The larger full size images are .PNG files and have clear backgrounds so they can be combined into any other background picture.

The smaller thumbnail images shown in the gallery here do not use the .PNG file type, they use the .jpg file type. The .jpg file type shows the backgrounds as black.

Click on the small pictures, then right click and "save picture as" to download the full size pictures.



Click the thumbnails and download the full size images (Right click, "Save Picture as...).


K-5 Computer Lab | Cartoon Clip Art Cartoons courtesy of Esa Holopainen