K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Animal Camouflage Comic Strip Project

Students Create a Comic about Animal Camouflage

Students will research animal camouflage facts and use several images to create a simple one page comic strip.

The program used here is Comic Life Deluxe.

The students will use information about camouflage taught in class, found in their books, and on the internet.

Students will locate and use images of different animal camouflage types such as mimicry, disruptive coloration, concealing coloration and disguise for their comic.

Grade 2 - 3




1) Download and distribute the research handouts. Students should research the internet for facts and write 1-3 short sentences that will be used in the comic speech bubbles.

2) Download the camouflage images and make them accesible for students.

3) Take headshot pictures of the students for their comic strip with a Webcam or digital camera.

4) Demonstrate and model the usage of the Comic Life application.

5) Create the projects and have fun!



Research Sites:

Nova Online Seeing Through Camouflage


Nature Works Deceptive Coloration


Enchanted Learning - Camouflaged Animals


K-5 Computer Lab - Camouflage for Kids




Mini Tutorials

Learn how to use Comic Life.
Hover over the thumbnail images to watch animated tutorials.

Add a page template

Add a picture
Add a title
Add a text box
Add a background
comic life lesson comic life tutorial comic life tutorial comic life lesson comic life
Comic Life Lesson
Comic Life Lesson Plan
Comic Life Tutorial
comic life lesson plan

comic life tutorial



Completed Example:


Animal Camouflage



Animal Camouflage Research Handouts:


Camouflage Research Handout #1 Download


Camouflage Worksheet for Kids



Camouflage Research Handout #2 Download


Camouflage Research Handout for Kids



Camouflage Research Handout #3 Download


Camouflage handout



Simplify the creation of the comic by using my premade template. Download

Comic Life Camouflage Template

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