K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Picasso - Comics Lesson Plan

Students Create a comic strip about Pablo Picasso's Art

Students use images from Picasso's Blue, Rose and Cubism periods and narrate with appropriate information.


The program used is Comic Life Deluxe. A basic webcam is used to take headshots of the students to use for their introduction to the story. Age and content appropriate Picasso images are collected in advance and made available to the students. The images should be made available on discs or on a shared folder on the network for access by the Comic Life application. Students drag and drop their headshot and various Picasso images to onto the comic strip. Students narrate the images using speech bubbles and information they have learned about Pablo Picasso in class.

In the example below, the student provides background info on Pablo Picasso and brief information about the Blue, Rose and Cubism periods. Finally, the student chooses her favorite Picasso image.

Comic life allows you to save the students work as images, pdf files, html web pages, or movies. This lesson could likely be done with 3rd grade students in about 2-3 sessions of 45 minutes or more each. The first session is used to familiarize students with the program, experimenting and exploring the interface and it's features. Additional sessions would be used for the actual creation of their project.


Mini Tutorials

Learn how to use Comic Life. Hover over the thumbnail images.


Add a page template

Add a picture
Add a title
Add a text box
Add a background
comic life lesson comic life tutorial comic life tutorial comic life lesson comic life
Comic Life Lesson
Comic Life Lesson Plan
Comic Life Tutorial
comic life lesson plan

comic life tutorial




1) Students should be able to recognize and describe aspects of Picasso's "Blue Period".

2) Students should be able to recognize and describe aspects of Picasso's "Rose Period".

3) Students should be able to recognize and describe aspects of Picasso's "Cubism Period".

4) Download the Picasso Gallery Images for Kids and make available on discs or folders.

5) Take headshots of the students and make the images available on discs or folders.

6) Have students pre-write one or two simple sentences for each of the three periods. Explain that the sentences must be concise and short enough to fit into the comic strip speech bubble format.

7) Demonstrate and preteach the use of Comic Life. Give the kids some time to explore the program.

Let the students have fun!

3rd grade Picasso Project using Comic Life

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