K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

iPad - 1st Grade Math

This iPad Lesson Plan Teaches 1st Graders Math

This lesson plan integrates iPads into the math curriculum using a free math app on the iPad. The app teaches students place value - ones and tens, numbers to 20, to 50 and to 100. The app also teaches numbers and comparison - counting, comparing numbers and ordering numbers. Splash Math aligns with common core standards.

iPad App Used: Splash Math - Grade 1 (Free version)
There is also paid version of Splash Math that offers more lesson chapters.

Activity Type = individual, small group or whole group.

Length of Activity = Typically 20 - 30 minutes.


iPad Lesson Plan Procedure:

Splash Math Grade 1 (Free Version) - The free version of this app has the following 2 chapters, Place Value, and Numbers and Comparison.

Splash Math Grade 1 Free

1) Teachers show students what the Splash Math icon looks like and where to find it on the iPad.

2) Optional: Teachers or students can click the "Setup" button on the main page to adjust various settings such as voice settings, number of practice questions, enter Profile information and more.

3) Students select "Play"


iPad App - Splash Math Free Main Screen

1) Click the "Reports" icon to view student's overall progress, enable email reporting, view chapter progress and difficulty settings.

2) Click the "Practice" icon to choose a chapter and topic to start in Practice Mode.

3) Click the "Play" icon to begin playing and earning progress points.

4) Click "Prizes" to play games with points earned.

5) Click "Setup" to adjust various settings and student profile.


iPad App Splash Math Free



iPad App - Splash Math Chapter Setup

Click the "Setup" icon and then choose your Play Settings. In this example, the voice settings are set to "On" and "Normal" speaking rate. The "Practice Mode" is set to 15 questions. The "Play Mode" is set to play the "Place Value and Numbers and Comparison" chapters. The remaining chapters for play are locked and only available in the paid version of the app.

iPad App - Splash Math Setup Options



iPad App - Splash Math Numbers and Comparison Screen

This screen shows an example question for counting. Students respond by tapping the correct number.

Splash Math - Numbers and Comparison



iPad App - Splash Math Place Value Screen

This screen shows and example for learning place value at the "easy level". Students respond by tapping the correct answer.

iPad App Splash Math Place Value


Download This iPad Lesson Plan

Download: iPad-Lesson-Plan-Teaches-1st-Graders-Place-Value-and-Numbers-and-Comparison.doc


Find the App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/1st-grade-math-splash-math/id463469532?mt=8

Developer: StudyPad.Inc


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