K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

iPad Photo Slideshow - Symbols of Government

Students Create an iPad Photo Slideshow about Symbols of Government.

Students combine research, images and voice narration to create a photo slideshow about Symbols of Government. Students choose 3 or more symbols of U.S. Goverment to research on the internet using the iPad. Students find and save images of their chosen symbols of government. Students use their research information and add voice narration to their images to create an interesting and informative photo slideshow on the iPad. The iPad app used for this example is "Sonic Pics." A similar program for combining research, images and voice narration is "Little Bird Tales". Both of those programs are paid apps. There is also a free program called "Storykit" that allows students to create digital audio storybooks that could be used here as well.

Grades 2 +


Photo Slideshow - Finished Example:



Ipad Photo Slideshow Lesson Plan WorkFlow

  1. Students use the student handout to guide their research and image collection work.

  2. Students create their photo slideshow presentation on the iPad.

  3. Students showcase their photo slideshows on the iPads or Internet.


iPad Photo Slideshow Student Handout

Students choose their symbols of government to research. Students collect relevant images. Students use their Ipads to create a photo slideshow using their information and images.

Download: ipad-photo-slideshow-symbols-of-government-student-handout.docx


Research resource: Symbols of U.S. Government for Kids


iPad Video Slideshow lesson plan handout



Photo Slideshow Creation

Collecting images:

Using their iPads, students search on the internet for images of symbols of government. Students save their images on the iPad. Students add their images to the photo slideshow app. In this example, 3 images have been added to the iPad app "Sonic Pics". Tapping the "Add Image" button allows students to access their saved images from the iPad photo album.

Video Slideshow



Narrating the Images:

Once all the images are added, students use their research information to record their narration on each picture.




Saving the Photo Slideshow for Viewing:

Students save their work. The iPad app used in this example, "Sonic Pics" has several options.



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