K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Plans

A Collection of Actvities and Lesson Plans for Martin Luther King Jr.

This is a collection of a variety of technology integrated activities for Martin Luther King Jr.

There are activities for writing, research, and presentations.

The "Words of Freedom" collage and "Puppet Show" are for use with iPads.

The "Words of Freedom" activity uses the FREE ipad "Pic Collage" and the printed results are excellent for bulletin board displays.

The "I Have a Dream" Poem Generator is a quick and easy activity that allows students to create a personal poem about their own dreams.

There are also some kid friendly Martin Luther King Jr. website links for research use.



"I Have A Dream" Writing Template

Students think about ways to make the world a better place. Students write their ideas inside the speech bubble template describing their dreams to improve the world.


Grades 1 +

I have a dream template



MLK - "I Have a Dream" Poem Generator

Students create their own "I Have a Dream" poem by filling in text boxes in the poem generator. Students copy and paste the generated poem into a word processor, add clipart or images and their name.


Grades 2+

I have a dream poem generator



Martin Luther King Jr. Timeline Template

Students research information about Martin Luther King Jr. and use the timeline template to create a timeline of Dr. Kings life.


Grades 3 +

MLK Timeline Template



Martin Luther King Jr. Research Activity

Students research information on the internet about Dr. Martin Luther King's life


Grades 3 +

MLK Research Activity



Martin Luther King Jr. Slideshow Presentation

Students create a PowerPoint style presentation. Applicable to Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Presentations and Open Office Impress. Students research and create a presentation about Dr. King's early life, important achievements and other interesting facts.


Grades 3 +

Martin Luther King PPT



iPad - Martin Luther King Jr. "Words of Freedom" Collage

Students combine brief research with images to create an iPad story collage about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Grades 3 +

MLK Collage



iPad Puppet Show - Martin Luther King Jr.

Students collaborate to create an informative puppet show about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Grades 3 +

MLK Puppet Show



Martin Luther King Jr. Research Resources for Kids

National Geographic Kids - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Photos for reports and projects


Social Studies for Kids - Martin Luther King Jr.


Enchanted Learning - Martin Luther King Jr.


Fact Monster Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr.


BrainPOP - Martin Luther King Jr.