K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Create a Tutorial with Screen Capture

Create a "How to use Clipart" Tutorial with Screen Capture

Current Windows computers have a built in screen capture tool called the Snipping Tool.


Older, XP computers have a basic but functional screen capture tool. To use it, press the PrtScr button on the keyboard. The whole screen has now been captured and stored in the computer's memory.

Open any graphics program or photo editor and then paste ( CTRL + V or File > paste) to see the screen capture. Crop and edit as necessary.




Use screen capture on your computer to duplicate the tutorial below.

  1. Capture each step of your tutorial in Microsoft Word and crop out unnecessary portions of the screen.

  2. Save each picture to your "My Pictures" folder.

  3. Insert the pictures into a new Microsoft Word page and explain each step with the pictures.

  4. Add your name, save, and print.




Step One:

Go to the insert tab and click "clip art".

Computer Lab activity Screen capture lesson


Step two:

Type your search word in the 'search for:" box.

Choose "all collections" in the search in:" box.

Screen capture tutorial


Step three:

Click the clipart graphic you want and watch it go on your page!!


How to do clipart



Completed Clipart Tutorial Example:

This is how the finished tutorial will look when the screen captures are inserted into a word processor.

Tip: It may be easier to insert text boxes to type the steps.

clipart tutorial example


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