K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

City Wildlife Slideshow

Students Create a Multimedia Slideshow about City Wildlife

Students will use the internet to research the diet and habitat of wild city animals and collect images of their chosen animals.

Students add their photos into a slideshow program such as Microsoft Photostory and narrate each image using the diet and habit information from their research. The finished product will result in a City WildLife multimedia video slideshow story.


Grade 3 +




Finished example:

City Wildlife



1 Minute PhotoStory Tutorial:

1 minute PhotoStory mini-tutorial video



Step One - Research

Students will choose 4 animals and write the animal's names on the research handout. Students will use the internet to find information about the diet and habit of each animal. Students will write brief sentences on the handout for each animal.

Create a handout similar to the one below for the students to use to collect their research information. Simplify by requiring less animals.

Click for larger image.

City Wild Life Research Form


Step Two - Collect images

Students will use the internet to find 2 images of each animal. Students will choose and save medium to large images that are clear, sharp and appropriate. Name and save the images in a predetermined location for later use.

Create a list of animals similar the one below for students to use as a guideline for image collection.

Click for larger image


City Wild Life Choose 4 animals



Step Three - Add images to PhotoStory

Students will open PhotoStory and import and arrange all their images into the program.

import images into photostory



Step Four - Narrate the images

After importing all of the images, students will use a microphone and narrate each animal's picture. Each animal should have two pictures. Students will narrate one picture with information about the animals' habitat. Students will narrate the other picture with information about the animal's diet.

narrate photostory



Step Five - Save finished story

Students will save story in a location and format prescribed by the teacher.

save finished story



These movies make great exhibits for Open House.

This project can take 6-10 forty five minute sessions with classes of 20 students or more. The video example above used a title image made in powerpoint saved as a .png file that can require additional sessions to create.


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