K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Food Pyramid - Fruits

Students Create a PowerPoint About Fruits and the Food Pyramid

Students research the internet for information about the food pyramid and the fruits they eat, the health benefits of fruits, and the daily serving recommendations of fruits.


Students find several images of fruits and the food pyramid.


Students use their images and research information to create an interesting and informative PowerPoint presentation.

Grades 3 -5





Slide 1 ? Title Slide


Students add a title “Food Pyramid ? Fruits”.


Students add an image of the food pyramid or fruits.


Students add their name.


Food Pyramid Fruits



Slide 2 ? Fruits I Eat

Students add a title “Fruits I Eat”. Students add 4 or more images of fruits they like to eat. Students add a list of the 4 or more fruits they like to eat.

Food Pyramid Fruits I Eat



Slide 3 ? Health Benefits

Students add a title “Fruits - Health Benefits”.?Students list 4 or more health benefits of eating fruits. Students add 2 or more related images.

Food Pyramid Fruits Health Benefit



Slide 4 ? Fruits ? Daily Servings

Students add a title “Fruits ? Daily Servings”. Students add information about the recommended daily serving suggestions for fruits. Students add one or more related images.

Food Pyramid Fruits - Daily Servings



Food Pyramid - Fruits - Student Handout

Download: food-pyramid-fruits-student-handout.docx


Food Pyramid Fruits PowerPoint Student handout


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