K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Making a New Nation - PowerPoint Biography

Students Make a PowerPoint Biography about "A New Nation"

Each student will choose a person to research and create six or seven PowerPoint slides about that person.


Students locate information about their person on the internet such as their early life, interesting facts, and their effect on the revolutionary war.


Students use the internet to find facts and several pictures of their person.


Grade 4 +




Slide One Title Slide - Martha Washington

Students create a title slide with multiple images of the person they chose to research.

Making a New Nation



Slide Two

Students create a slide about their persons early life.

Making a New Nation PowerPoint



Slide Three

Students add a slide with interesting facts about the person they are researching.

Making a New Nation Lesson Plan



Slide Four

Students add a slide about what effect this person had on the revolutionary war.

Making  a New Nation



Slide Five

Students create a slide with multiple pictures representing their person's life. Students add captions to the images.

Making a New Nation



Slide Six

Students add a bibliography with at least FOUR different sources for their research information.

Making a New Nation Bibliography

Build the Presentation Using the Following Instructions:

  1. Introductory slide with the person's picture, name, and your name.

  2. A slide about the person's early life.

  3. Some interesting facts about the person.

  4. What effect did this person have on the Revolutionary War.

  5. Pictures of this person with captions.

  6. A bibliography.


Choose one of the following people to research:

Look up some information on several people before making your choice.

Edmund Randolph Roger Sherman William Dawes
Samuel Adams Paul Revere George Washington
Benjamin Franklin James Armistead James Madison
Thomas Jefferson Thomas Paine Patrick Henry
John Hancock John Adams Marquis de Lafayette
Nathan Hale John Dickinson Mercy Otis Warren
Abigail Adams Martha Washington Mary Hays
Deborah Sampson Anne Bailey Sybil Ludington
Nancy Morgan Hart Benedict Arnold James Otis
Dr. Joseph Warren Benjamin Lincoln Robert Livingston
Admiral John Montague King George III George Grenville
William Pitt Francis Bernard Charles Cornwallis


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