Download: Google Sheets - Google Sheets - Rubric for Spreadsheet with Chart

How to use this file: Download and make a digital copy of this file. You can share it with students using Google Classroom or a Google Drive shared folder.

The rubric is good for assessing basic spreadsheets with titles at the top, basic data entries for labels (text), values (numbers), formulas, formatting numbers with dollars signs, and chart formatting. Chart formatting usually involves having X and Y axis labels, chart legends, chart segment values or percentages, and differing colors for each chart segment. The rubric also specifies point values for neatness and organization as well as arranging all elements to fit on a single printed page to conserve resources.

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To download: While signed in to your Google account, click the download link, then choose "Make a copy". This will put a copy of this file directly in your Google Drive storage. You can share it with your students using Google Classroom or a Google Drive shared folder.

Troubleshooting: First, make sure you are really using a GOOGLE email account. Then, if you tried to download this template but instead you seem to be stuck with a "View Only" copy in your browser that says "Request Edit Access" or similar, then stop right there. Find and click "File" on the top menu, (top left?) and then choose to "Make a copy". That will get you a copy that is editable.