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Crystal Reports - Basic Web Page with Report

Introduction to Crystal Reports Wizard

This article will describe how to create an ASP .Net web project and add a Crystal Reports Viewer and Report to the Project using the Wizard.

Create the Project for Crystal Reports

Create a new ASP .Net Web Application project in Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Project

From the ToolBox, add a Crystal Report Viewer to the Default.aspx web page. From the Choose Report Source, select New Report Source.

Crystal Report Viewer

The Wizard will pop up and request a Crystal Report for the CrystalReportSource control. Select New Report and click OK.

CrystalReportSource control

Enter a name in the popup box for the report.

New Crystal Report Name

Using the Crystal Report Wizard

The CrystalReport Wizard will open and for this article, a Standard report will be used.

CrystalReport Wizard

A SQL Server data source will be used via OLE DB (ADO). Double click on the OLE DB to get the OLE DB Provider popup to open.

OLE DB (ADO) Data Source

In the Provider name, select SQL Server Native Client 10.0 for SQL Server 2008.

OLE DB Provider

Specify the connection information in the pop up for the Database and Server. A UserID and Password may be specified. My project is using Integrated Security.

Connection Information

Select the data to use in the Crystal Report. This article is using data from the View Purchasing.vVendor in AdventureWorks.

SQL Data Selection

Select the fields to include in the report.

Crystal Report Field Selection Crystal Report Grouping

This report does not have any Summarized Fields, but please note that this is useful when creating reports with subtotals and grand totals. This will be covered in separate Crystal Reports articles.

Summarized Fields

This report does not used any Filter Fields, but is useful when trying to limit the number of records with criteria. This will be covered in separate Crystal Reports articles.

Filter Fields

Crystal Report Style Standard is used in this report.

Crystal Reports Style

Design View of the Crystal Report

Crystal Report Design

Preview of the Generated Crystal Report

Crystal Reports Preview

Creating a Crystal Report with the Wizard is simple, but formatting the report is also important to make it readable. The next article covers some basic formatting here:Crystal Reports Formatting.