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Crystal Reports - Summary Data Report

Crystal Report - Summarized Financial Data

This article describes how to create a custom Crystal Report without using the Wizard. The report will use a Group to summarize financial data within the report. The data source used will be a custom view created on SQL Server database AdventureWorks. The report will be added as the report source to a CrystalReportViewer in an ASP .Net page.

Create the ASP .Net Web Application for Crystal Reports

Create a new WebSite in VisualStudio. Add a new item (Crystal Report) to the project.

Add New Item

The blank report is not connected to a datasource.

Blank Crystal Report

To connect to the datasource, open the Database Expert.

Database Expert

This report will use SQL Server 2008, so the Provider selected is SQL Server Native Client 10.0. Click Next and select the Server and Database Name to Finish.

OLE DB ADO datasource

Select the table or view to use. This report will use the custom view vw_EmployeeData for the Data Source

Crystal Report Data Source

Select the Fields from the Field Explorer and drag and drop them onto the report.

CrystlReport Fields Report with Fields

Using Crystal Reports Group Expert to Summarize Data

Right click on the report to open the Group Expert.

Open Group Expert

This summary report will group the sums of each of the columns by Employee ID. Click the EmployeeID field and press the Right Pointing Arrow (>) to send it to the GroupBy box.

Group Expert

Add the Employee Name field to the group and format it to Bold in the Font toolbar.

Report Group

Right click on the report to select Insert then Summary.

Insert Summary

Select each one of the currency fields from the drop down below the text "Choose the field to summarize" and select the Summary location as the Group #1 EmployeeID.

 Summary Location

Repeat the Insert Summary tasks for each one of the Currency fields using a different Summary location: Grand Total (Report Footer).

Summary Location Report Footer

Right click and Insert a Text Object into the Report Header to Name the report.

TextObject for Report Header

Right click and Insert a Line above and below the Grand Totals and Employee Totals Group.

Line Insert

Open the Special Fields in the Field Explorer to add the Print Date and Page N of M fields to the report.

Special Fields

Right click on the report to Format the PurchaseOrderID object.

Format PO ID Column

To remove the 1,000's separator, select the first number format in the Style box in the Number tab.

Format Editor

Design View of formatted Report.

Formatted Summary Report

Open the Default.aspx page to drag and drop a CrystalReportViewer onto the page.

ASP page CrystalReportViewer

Add a New report source to the viewer.

New Report Source

Select the existing Crystal Report from the Project.

Crystal Report Source

Click debug in Visual Studio to Preview the report in the web page.

Report Preview

Click to get to the last page of the report to verify the totals appear with the correct format.

End of Report