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BIDS - SSRS Basic Report

SSRS Report Server Project

This article describes how to create an SSRS report without the Report Wizard tool. A SQL view from the AdventureWorks database will be used as the DataSource. Subjects such as Expression (Formula), Headers, Formatting will be covered.

SSRS Report Project Background

The SSRS report in this project uses a View from AdventureWorks called vw_CustomerSalesReport created from tables in the Sales and Person schemas to provide sales person data. This article will run through the Connection, DataSource and tools needed to create a custom report without the need of using the Report Wizard tool to take you step by step through the process.

Using SSRS in a VS Project sans Wizard

Open Visual Studio and select Open New Project. Select Report Server Project and click OK.

Visual Studio Project

Add a new Report (.rdl type)

SSRS Report Project

SSRS - Setting the Connection and Data Source

Right click in the Solution Explorer on Shared Data Sources and select Add a new Data Source.

SSRS DataSource

Name Data Source and click Edit button to set connection.

SSRS Data Source Properties

Set Server Name and Database name and click OK.

SSRS Data Connection

In the Report Data tab, Click on New Data Set to set the data for the report.

SSRS DataSet

Set the Data Source to the Shared Data Source created. Click the Function (Fx symbol) to set the Query Parameters.

SSRS Dataset Properties

In the Query Designer Click on the Add Tables button and select a table\View. This article uses the vw_CustomersSalesReports.

SSRS Query Designer

In the Report Data tab, the Dataset has been added.

SSRS Report Data Tab

SSRS - Adding Toolbox Report Items to the Custom Report

Add a table to the report from the Toolbox.

SSRS Table in Report Designer

Right click to add fields to the tablix.

SSRS Adding Fields

Right click on the Row Groups section of the report and select Add Total -> After to add the Sum of the SalesOrders and the Sum of the Total Sales.

SSRS Adding Row Groups

Add Headers to the Tablix in SSRS

SSRS Row Headers

Right click on each box to set the Sum of the Sales Orders and Sum of Total Sales and select Expression and type the formula into the box. Click OK to close when done.

SSRS Sum Total Expressions

RIght click the box again and select TextBox Properties and format the Number and Font properties of the field.

SSRS Number and Font Properties SSRS Format Properties

The Headers appear at the top of the report, however they will not appear on every page yet. To get the headers to appear on each page, select the first static Group in Row Group and in the Properties box, set FixedData to true and RepeatOnNewPage to True.

SSRS Row Static Groups SSRS Tablix Members

Preview the report to see that the data appears as expected.

SSRS Report Preview

Check the last page for the Headers and the footer with the totals.

SSRS Headers and Footer