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Filtering Results with Power BI

Using filters to display Detailed Results in Power BI

This article describes how to create a PowerPivot result set in Excel that is then used by PowerBI in a Pie Chart to display Categories and a Clustered Column Chart to display Product Details in a dynamic format. This article uses the Northwind SQL database as the data source and implements Highlighting and Filtering details in the Clustered Column chart of Products.

In Excel go to Powerpivot and connect to the SQL Server Northwind database and select tables.

SQL Server Connection

Selecting Tables in PowerPivot

Click on the lower right of the screen to change the view from Grid to Diagram to see Table Relationships.

Viewing Table Relationships in PowerPivot

Selecting Pivot Table Fields

Export the data as a flattened Pivot table in Excel and Save.

Flattened Pivot Table in Excel

In PowerBI select Excel Source for Data Source.

Power BI Excel Connection

Add a pie chart for Categories and Sum of Total Sales in the Field Selections.

Power BI Pie Chart

Field Selection for Pie Chart

Add a Clustered Column Chart and click fields Products, Sum of Total Sales, followed by Categories to make it appear as below. If Products is selected after Categories, the Products will be listed at the top instead of the Categories.

Field Selection for Clustered Column Chart

Example of selecting Categories after Products. (Correct)

Clustered Column Chart Product columns by Category

Example of selecting Products after Categories. (Incorrect)

Clustered Column Chart Categories displaying Product columns

Filter on the Column Chart to cause only the products with the Pie Chart Category to appear in the same color in the Column Chart.

Filtering Clustered Column Chart by Pie Chart Selection

Filtereing Clustered Column Chart of Products by Pie Chart Category Selection

Highlight (the Pie Slice) in the Column Chart to view all Products, but highlight the ones in the selected Category of the Pie Chart.

Highlighting Columns based on Pie Chart Selection