K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

California's Regions Brochure Lesson Plan

Students research one of California's Regions and Create a Brochure

Students will research a region on the internet and collect information about the region's vegetation, wildlife, geographical features, major destinations, historical landmarks and other interesting facts.


Students will search for a variety of images representing their region and add related captions based on their research to the images on their brochure.


Grades 3+




California Regions Brochure Finished Example:

This brochure was made using Microsoft Word using word art for the title, images and text boxes for the captions.

California Regions Lesson Plan



Handout information that students will use to research their region:


Research Help:

California Regions research resources




California Regions Student Handout




California Regions Student Handout




Your Region:

California Regions Poster
Create a poster about one of California's 4 regions.

Example: Come see the spectacular views in California's Mountain Region !


What types of plants live in the region?

What kinds of animals live in the region?

What natural features are in the region (mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts)?

What do people do for recreational fun in the region?

What are some of the major destinations / attractions in the region?

What are some historical sites or landmarks in the region?