K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Excel Chart - What is Your Favorite Pet?

Students Create an Excel Chart Illustrating Their Classmates' Favorite Pets

This activity uses Microsoft Excel, but the data and chart could be recreated using other spreadsheet programs as well.

Teachers poll students with a show of hands of their favorite pets.

Teacher takes a tally using the tally sheet provided and projects it for students to view, or writes the tallies and results on the whiteboard.

Students use the tally results with a spreadsheet program to create a pie chart illustrating the results of their classmates' favorite pets.

Grades 2+


Download: what-is-your-favorite-pet-tally-sheet.pdf


Download: rubric-for-spreadsheet-with-chart.pdf


Download: what-is-your-favorite-pet-chart.xlsx


Students use the tally total results to create an Excel pie chart.

Students should format the title with a font color, style and larger size.

Students should use "merge and center" to spread the title across several columns.

Students should use additional formatting to change the colors of each pie slice on the chart.

Students should add clipart and use "Print Preview" to ensure that everything will fit on a single page before printing.



Excel Chart - What is Your Favorite Pet - Finished Example

What is Your Favorite Pet Chart


What is Your Favorite Pet Tally Sheet Example:

Teachers can poll the class and take the tallies, or print sheets for the students to take the tallies and practice their data collection accuracy skills.

What is Your Favorite Pet Tally Sheet


Excel Spreadsheet Rubric for Grading Assignments:

Spreadsheet Rubric


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