K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

First Grade Writing Assignments - Sequencing

Writing and Word Processing Series for First Grade

This is a series of word processing assignments using the Beginning Middle, End, and First, Next, Then, Finally, sequenced writing formats.

1) Students will review important writing skills such as letter / sound recognition, left to right progression, capitalization rules, spacing between words, and punctuation (comma, period, question mark, exclamation point).

2) Student will also practice important word processing skills such as typing, formatting text, using shift, enter, backspace, and undo / redo.

3) Students will practice searching for clipart and inserting, resizing, moving, and deleting clipart. Students will save and / or print.



Usage Suggestions - Alternate these writing assignments with typing practice to give students plenty of opportunities to improve their keyboard speed and word processing skills. First graders enjoy actual writing,especially if they can use different fonts, colors, and clipart.


Beginning Middle End

1) My Day at School

In the beginning of my day, I did math.
In the middle of the day I had art.
At the end of the day, I read some books.


2) A Day of Making Cookies

In the beginning, we made cookie dough.
In the middle, we used a cookie cutter to make shapes.
In the end, we baked 3 dozen cookies.




3) How I Brush My Teeth

In the beginning I put toothpaste on my toothbrush.
In the middle, I brush all my teeth.
In the end, I rinse out all of the toothpaste.


4) My Play Date

In the beginning, I invited my friends.
In the middle of our play date we played outside.
At the end of the play date we watched movies.


5) My Game Day

In the beginning, our team had no points.
In the middle of the game, we scored some points.
In the end, our team won the game.


6) The Bake Sale

In the beginning, we had a lot of yummy cookies and cakes.
In the middle, many people bought things to eat.
In the end, we sold everything!


7) The Day I Lost My Tooth

At the beginning of lunch, my tooth was loose.
In the middle of lunch, it was very, very wiggly.
At the end of lunch, my tooth fell out.


8) One Stormy Day

In the beginning, dark clouds covered the sky.
In the middle of the day, it rained very hard.
At the end of the day, the clouds went away.


9) The Movie

In the beginning, there was a dog.
In the middle of the movie, a baby was born.
At the end of the movie, there was a big surprise!


Beginning Middle End - Finished Example:

Students can add images or clipart to illustrate their work.

Beginning, Middle, End - Example


First, Next, Then, Finally

1) How to Walk a Dog

First, put a leash on the dog
Next, take the dog for a short walk.
Then, let the dog sniff everything.
Finally, come home and feed the dog.


2) How to Make Cookies

First, buy some cookie dough.
Next, put spoonfulls of dough on a cookie sheet.
Then, bake the cookie dough.
Finally, take the cookies out of the oven and eat them.


3) How to Make a PB&J Sandwich

First, get two pieces of bread.
Next, spread peanut butter on one side of the bread.
Then, spread jelly on top of the peanut butter.
After that, put the pieces of bread together.
Finally, Eat!


4) How to Get Ready For School

First, wake up and get dressed.
Next, eat some breakfast.
Then, brush your teeth and hair.
Finally, get your backpack and go!


5) How to Babysit a Puppy

First, spend time playing with the puppy.
Next, give the puppy some food.
Then, take the puppy for a short walk.
Finally, watch a movie about dogs with the puppy.


6) How to Feed a Hummingbird

First, get a Hummingbird feeder.
Next, add water to the feeder.
Then, add sugar and mix it with the water.
Finally, hang the feeder outside and wait.


First, Next, Then, Finally - Finished Example:

Students can add images or cilpart to illustrate.

How to Babysit a Puppy


For additional writing practice, try sentence stretchers using a graphic organizer.

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