K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Excel - Birthday Party Budget

Students Plan a Party and Stick to the Budget

Students have a budget of $100.00 to feed a total of 15 people (including themselves) for a birthday party.

Scenario: You are planning a birthday party for a good friend. You have exactly $100.00 dollars to spend. Your parents have given you a list of party supplies you need to shop for. You want to make sure that there are enough decorations, food, drinks, desserts, party favors, plates, cups, and napkins for everyone. There will 15 people at the party inluding yourself. Grades 4+



The Assignment:

Students create a birthday party budget using a spreadsheet to show how much they have to spend ($100.00), the total costs of the items they buy, and how much they are over or under the budget amount. Students create a chart of the costs ONLY. Hint: select only the items in column A and the costs in column D to create the chart.


Students use formulas to calculate each item's cost (quantity x price each), the total expense costs (use autosum), and the (over)/under budget amount (spending allowance - total cost).


Students may format their spreadsheet with a title, different fonts, colors, sizes for improved clarity and appearance. Students stick to the budget. Students research online stores (amazon, walmart, other) to find their party items and prices.


Birthday Party Budget Finished Example

Download: excel-birthday-party-budget-finished-example.xlsx

Birthday Party Budget


Using Formulas:

Discuss the need for formulas in this spreadsheet. We need to know the costs of all the items, we need to know how much we spent, and we need to know if we are over or under the budget and by how much. In this example, the formulas are:

1) =B5*C5

2) =SUM(D5:D15)

3) =B2-D16

Party Budget Formulas



Birthday Party for 15 Food Budget - Starter Template

Students can use this excel template to guide their budgeting. Students will need to apply necessary formatting, enter all the party item data, quantities, prices for each, costs, item descriptions, and all formulas.

Download: excel-birthday-party-budget-starter-template.xlsx

Budget Starter Template



Excel Spreadsheet Rubric for Grading Assignments:

Download: rubric-for-spreadsheet-with-chart.pdf


Spreadsheet Rubric


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