K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Happy Mother's Day Acrostic

Students create a Mother's Day Acrostic Letter

Students will need to think creatively to develop the phrases for the acrostic poem in addition to creating a nice looking final letter.


Students wil need to change the font style and size all of their writing so that it fills up the page without going onto a second page.


Students will also have to insert a page border, search for appropriate clipart and properly position and size the clipart.






Mother's Day Acrostic - Simpler variation.

This one uses the shapes feature instead of the clipart.

Shapes can be easier to position than clipart since they don't require text wrapping to be applied.

The letters that spell Mother are not emphasized by changing the individual letter size or by using bold.




Mother's Day Acrostic - Simplest variation.

This acrostic is simplified by requiring only basic text formatting such as centering the title and increasing the size of the font to better fill the page. A single and simple heart is made by using shapes instead of clipart and no border is used. Younger students or less skilled typists will likely have their hands full just getting all their ideas and words on the page. They can hand color the shape and hand draw their own borders.



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