K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Google Classroom - Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Chart

Students Create a Cost Comparison Spreadsheet and Chart

Instructions: Students create a spreadsheet and chart comparing Thanksgiving dinner prices for two stores. Students choose the same 6 or 7 items from each store to compare. Students create their spreadsheet using prices from the Thanksgiving price list. Students may also use local newspaper or online store ads if available. Students format the numbers with dollar signs and use a formula (SUM) to calculate total costs. Students create a chart illustrating their expenses. Grades 4+



Usage: Teachers download the files and make personal copies for themselves, then share the files with students as needed using Google Classroom or a Google Drive shared folder.


Download: google-sheets-thanksgiving-dinner-cost-comparison-template


Download: google-sheets-thanksgiving-dinner-cost-comparison-finished-example




Download: google-sheets-thanksgiving-dinner-spreadsheet-student-instructions


Download: google-sheets-thanksgiving-dinner-price-list



Google Sheets - Thanksgiving Cost Comparison Template

Download and share this Google Sheets template with students. Students enter their own title and spreadsheet data. Students create a chart using their data. Students add a relevant picture. Students can format text and colors to suit their preference.

Google Sheets - Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Comparison Template



Google Sheets -Thanksgiving Cost Comparison - Finished Example:

A finished spreadsheet copy for teachers to download and use.

Google Sheets -Thanksgiving Cost Comparison - Finished Example



Student Instructions: Thanksgiving Dinner Spreadsheet

Download and make these assignment instructions available to students to guide their Google spreadsheets creations.

Student Instructions: Thanksgiving Dinner Spreadsheet



Thanksgiving Dinner Price List:

Download and share this price list with students. .

Students can use the items and prices on this list to create their spreadsheets.

Thanksgiving Dinner Price List



Google Sheets Budget Spreadsheet with Chart Tutorial

Learn how to create a simple google budget spreadsheet with a chart. This video covers the basics of entering and formatting a chart title, entering data, using simple formulas and creating a chart.

Time to Learn = 4 minutes