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Budgeting Basics for Kids
Make a Simple Expense Spreadsheet and Chart

Learn How to Create a Simple Budget and Chart
with Free iPad Numbers App

Students will learn how to enter text and numerical values into a spreadsheet, use the SUM formula to add total expenses, convert numbers into currency with dollar signs, and finally, create a simple expense chart.

Scenario: Students use the included "Clothes Shopping Price List" to buy several clothing items and record the costs in a spreadsheet.

Assignment: Students use the iPad Numbers app to create a simple spreadsheet and chart using the data from their purchases and expenses. This expense chart builds on the basic first chart here, and adds the requirement to use the SUM formula to calculate the total costs (expenses) of the clothing items. It also adds the requirement to format all the numbers with $ dollar signs.

Budget Expense Spreadsheet with Chart
Finished Example:

Budget Expense Spreadsheet with Chart Finished Example

Shopping Price List
for iWork Numbers Spreadsheet with Chart

Party Supplies List for iWork Numbers Spreadsheet Chart

Download: party-supplies-list-for-spreadsheet-and-chart.pdf

Mini Tutorial - Create Budget Expense Spreadsheet and Chart

Quickly learn the essentials to make budget expense spreadsheets and charts using iWork Numbers for iPad in less than 3 minutes.

1) How to Add and Format Your Spreadsheet Title

Time to Learn = 51 seconds

2) How to Enter Your Spreadsheet Data

Time to Learn = 40 seconds

3) Use the SUM formula to calculate TOTAL expenses

Time to Learn = 29 seconds

4) Change numbers to currency with $ signs

Time to Learn = 19 seconds

5) How to Create Your Spreadsheet Chart

Time to Learn = 27 seconds