K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Happy Mother's / Father's Day Letter Happy Mother's or Father's Day Letter - K-5 Computer Lab

Students Create a Mother's or Father's Day Letter.

Students create a Happy Mother or Fathers' day letter using fancy fonts and various decorations such as shapes, speech bubbles, clipart and borders.

Kindergarteners and 1st graders will write basic letters with an increased font size, one shape or piece of clipart, and a page border.

Older or more experienced students will write letters using font sizes, font styles, font colors, shapes, clipart, speech bubbles, and page borders. These students may also write more personal and original letters.





Kinder - 1st grade letter

This letter uses simple decorations such as a page border and heart shape. Start working on the typing skills early and frequently with the young ones before doing this activity. Demonstrate the use of shapes and borders and have the kids practice using these a few times before Mother's and Father's Day. The kids can use crayon to color in the heart shape for more personalization.

Happy Mother's Day Letter Kinder - 1st Grade



1-3rd Grade Letter

This letter is more advanced utilizing borders, clipart, cursive font, and proper sizing to fill the page. It looks simple, but it will take practice and skill for the kids to manage the clipart searches and proper clipart placement with the text.

Happy Mother's Day Letter 2nd Grade



3rd - 4th -5th grade

This letter is much like the one above but adds the speech bubble shape with text. Older or more advanced students will be able to write their own personal text for the letter. Often, I will instruct the 4th - 5th graders to include several reasons in the letter why their mom or dad is so important or special to them.

Happy Father's Day 2nd - 3rd Grade

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