K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Labeling the Skeletal System

Students Label the Bones of the Skeletal System with a Graphics Program

Students annotate an image, labeling the various bones of the skeletal system.


Students will use the skeleton diagram below to help them find the locations and names of the bones.


Students add the names of the bones on a plain picture of a boy or girl using a basic paint program or image editor.

The free graphics program used here is Paint.NET for Windows.



Download: all-images-and-skeletons-pack-for-labeling.zip

Download: Paint.NET graphics program for Windows



Use this image of the skeletal system to pinpoint locations and names of bones.

Hover over the labels to pinpoint the bone locations.

skeletal system



Download images for labeling of the skeletal system.

Right click and "save picture as..." to download. Save this image to the "My Pictures" folder. Open the image in a paint program or photo editor that has annotation capabilities. The images on this page were annotated using the free Windows photo editing / graphics program Paint.NET. Use the labeled skeleton above as a guide for labeling the image of the boy and / or girl below.

Activity Extension - Extend this activity with digital cameras. Take pictures of the students and have them label the bones on their own photos. Make it more fun with interesting poses, front, back, standing on one leg, arms out, etc. Put the the completed class photo album as a pictures screen saver slideshow on the classroom computer(s).


boy-label-the skeletal structure



Download this image for labeling of the skeletal system

label the bones



Download this image for labeling of the skeletal system

labeling the skeletal structure



Download this image for labeling of the skeletal system

label the skeletal bones




Finished Example of Labeled Bones:

The finished photo should look similar to this. Students may personalize the photo by recoloring the clothing, arrows and fonts. Students should add their names to the completed photo.




Finished Example - Simple Version


anatomy labeled simple version



How to Label the Bones:

This demonstrates how to label the bones of the body on the photo using Paint.NET.

  1. Select the line tool on the toolbar.
  2. Choose the "Filled Arrow" option.
  3. Draw the arrow.

labeling the bones of the body



This demonstrates how to add the text to the image for labeling the bones.

Choose the text tool on the toolbar and then type the text next to the arrow.

labeling the bones with text and arrows



Download this image for labeling of the skeletal system.

Right click and save this skeleton picture to your computer. Open the picture in your photo editor / paint program and draw lines or arrows to the bones. Label the bones with your text tool. Save your finished labeled picture. Insert the labeled picture into a Word document and print.

skeleton picture



Alternate Human Skeleton for Labeling:

labeling the human skeleton



Student Instructions:

Download: label-the-skeleton-instructions-15-bones.pdf

Label the Skeleton - Student Instructions


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