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Easy Pivot Stick Figure Animator Lesson Ideas

Pivot Animation Ideas for Beginners

Pivot Stick Figure Animator is a free fun program to teach animation basics.Pivot is simple to use and children love exploring the possibilities of making their own creative animated stories.

Children move the stick figures and objects a little bit at a time and press "next frame" after each movement.

This creates a series of .gif picture frames that can be played in sequence thus creating the illusion of motion. Realistic motion requires patience and skill that comes with practice. Below are some basic animation actvities to get started learning to animate with Pivot.



Pivot Animator - Head Roll

This one uses two simple movents. The first movement is postioning the stick figure arm upward in small increments until it reaches the head. The second movement is moving the head in small increments making it appear to roll completely around the body. Children love to duplicate this and will find it a great way to learn how to use pivot.

Download: Pivot 3 Stick Figure Animator (free)

Pivot Animator Head Roll


Pivot Animator - Play Ball

This animation uses simple movements and demonstrates the ability to add additional objects to the animation. Students open Pivot and go to "File > Load Figure Type" to add the ball. Students can also change the color and size of the ball.

Download: Ball

Pivot - Play Ball


Pivot Animator - Play Catch

This animation uses simple movements and adds a ball and a girl figure type. This animation demonstrates the ability to add additional objects for interaction and story telling possibilities.

Download: Girl and Ball

Pivot - Play Catch


Pivot Animator - Skater Jump

This animation uses simple movements and gives students additional practice adding new figure types as well as positioning and sequencing moving objects.

Download: Skater Boy and Stairs and Skateboard

Pivot Skater


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