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Sentence Stretcher Graphic Organizer

Assignment: Students practice writing more detailed and interesting sentences. Students use the graphic organizer to expand a short sentence by adding information about who, what , when, where, and why. Students download and open the graphic organizer using MS Word or compatible word processor.

Grade 2 +

Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences (e.g., The boy watched the movie; The little boy watched the movie; The action movie was watched by the little boy). Common Core Standard: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.2.1.F

Sentence Stretcher
Graphic Organizer - Finished Example

This fun assignment fosters students' creativity and emerging writing abilities.

What Animals Live in Trees?

Teaching Tips:

  • Create the basic sentence idea in the "Who"" text box. EX: "One Loud Parrot"
  • Brainstorm with the kids and have them give suggestions for the remaining sections.
  • Be ready to give students plenty of examples of how to expand a sentence.
  • Remind students to press the print button only once.


Sentence Stretcher Graphic Organizer

Sentence Stretcher Graphic Organizer