K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

World's Fastest Animals Spreadsheet w/ Chart


How fast are some of the world's fastest animals?

1) Choose 12 or more animals and find their top speeds in miles per hour (MPH).

2) Add your animal choices and their top speeds into a spreadsheet.

3) Use your information to create a bar or column chart.

4) Make the chart with different colors.

5) Add related clipart or pictures.



How to Search

Type this in Google search:
<your animal> speed


Example Search Term:
Dog Speed

Google Result:

Dog Speed



Students Choose 12 or more animals from this list:

Download: worlds-fastest-animals-list.pdf

World's Fastest Animals




Create a World's Fastest Animals Spreadsheet and Chart


1) Add a title and merge it across 3 or more cells.

2) Enter the animals as shown in column A.

3) Enter the number quantities as shown in column B.

4) Create a colored bar chart or column chart.

5) Fit everything on ONE page (portrait layout) BEFORE printing.

Make sure your name is on it somewhere.

6) Print exactly TWO copies. One for me, one for you.



World's Fastest Animals Spreadsheet with Chart Example:

Download: worlds-fastest-animals-spreadsheet-with-chart-finished-example.xlsx

World's Fastest Animals Spreadsheet


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