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Excel Lesson Plan
Party for 5 Food Budget

Assignment: Students create a food budget showing allowance, costs, and money left over. Students have a budget of $25.00 to feed a total of 5 people (including themselves) for a party. In order to make sure everyone has something they like to eat and drink, Students must choose at least 2 items from each of the 6 food categories on the Party Food Menu. To make sure there is enough food, students must try to buy as much as they can with the $25.00 budget, without going over the budget.

Students create their budget using a spreadsheet to show how much they have to spend (allowance), and how much each item (costs).

Students use autosum to calculate the total costs.

Students create a simple formula to subract total food costs from the $25.00 allowance to show how much money is left over (allowance - total costs = money left over).

Download: excel-party-for-five-budget-finished-example.xlsx

Excel - Party for 5
Food Budget Finished Example:

Excel - Food Budget Finished Example

Download: excel-party-food-menu.pdf

Party Food Menu

Students choose items from this list for their spreadsheet entries.

Party Food Menu

Download: party-for-5-food-budget-spreadsheet-instructions.pdf

Party for 5 Food Budget Instructions:

Student Instructions

Download: excel-party-for-5-party-food-budget-template.xlsx

Quick Starter Template: Party for 5 Budget

Students can use this excel template to guide their budgeting. Students will need to apply necessary formatting, enter all the food choice data, food prices, and formulas.

Party for 5 Food Budget - Starter Template

Excel Mini-Course in 4 Minutes:

Quickly learn the essentials you need for this lesson with these short, focused video tutorials. Watch all the videos to see how to create a budget and chart from start to finish or just watch the ones you need.

Students Learn and Practice
the Following Basic Spreadsheet Skills:

  • Creating and formatting a spreadsheet title using "merge and center"
  • Entering data in columns and rows
  • Using the simple formula "Autosum" to automatically calculate total expenses
  • Using a subtraction formula to calculate money left over (allowance - total expenses)
  • Formatting numbers as currency and adding $ signs.
  • Creating a chart using the expense data entered.
  • Using different colors for chart segments to improve visual presentation
  • Creating, sizing, and positioning the chart to fit on a single page with the data
  • Searching, inserting, sizing, and positioning clipart or pictures
  • Using print preview and printing

Download: rubric-for-spreadsheet-with-chart.pdf

Excel Spreadsheet Rubric for Grading Assignments

Excel Spreadsheet Rubric for Grading Assignments

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