K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Coding for Kids - Scratch Animal Pong - Easy

Animal Pong - An easy step by step introductory Scratch programming project for beginners.


This project guides students through the programming logic and steps to build a simple pong game. Students learn to use X/Y coordinates, (forever) loops, and (if-then) conditional statements.

Students learn to use the Scratch drag and drop programming interface to add their code to the ball and paddle to create the working game.



Students learn how to program the animal "paddle" to move left or right using the keyboard arrow keys.


Students program the ball to move and bounce off the walls and paddle.


Students create an out of bounds area that ends the game when the ball touches it.


Grades 2+




Scratch - Animal Pong Finished Example:

Visit scratch at: https://scratch.mit.edu/

Students choose an animal to be the paddle and another object to be the ball.

Students program the arrow keys to move the paddle, and program the ball to bounce off the paddle and walls. Students also program the ball to signal "Game Over" if it touches the red boundary.

Animal Pong Game Example



Step by Step Animal Pong Tutorial Example:

Students follow the steps to build their own simple Scratch animal pong game.

Tutorial Download: scratch-animal-pong-pdf

Animal Pong Pinterest



Scratch Animal Pong Tutorial




Creating the Pong Paddle:

Students open the scratch interface, delete the cat sprite and then choose an animal to use as their paddle.


Scratch Pong Project



Programming the Paddle to Move Left or Right:

Students add a few lines of simple code to set the initial location of the paddle and program the left and right arrow keys to move the paddle.


Scratch Coding for Kids Project




Creating the Pong Ball and Making it Move:

Students choose a pong ball and add the code to make the ball bounce off the walls and paddle.


Scratch Coding for Kids



Creating the Out of Bounds Area and "Game Over" Code:

Students draw a red out of bounds area on the stage backdrop. Students then add code to the ball that ends the game when the ball touches the red out of bounds area.


Scratch Coding



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