K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Create Your Own Wanted Poster

Students Create a Wanted Poster

Students use a photo editing program to create their own "Wanted" Poster. Students combine their headshot picture with a blank "Wanted" poster background picture.

Students will use various common photo editing features and tools including the cropping tool to crop their headshot, the magic wand and eraser tools to remove the background from the headshot picture, and the layers feature to place the headshot on top of the background layer.

Students will use the text tool and font formatting tools to add text. The photo editing program used in this example is Paint.NET

Grade 3 and up


Wanted: Finished Example

This finished example uses two combined images, a headshot image and a "Wanted" poster background image.


Students can use the photo editor to add their own text.

The finished example could be printed or uploaded to a website or photo gallery.

These make great wall displays for open house.




Wanted Poster Finished Example:

Wanted Poster Activity




Step One

Open the headshot picture in Paint.NET ( File > Open )

Draw a rectangle around the head with the "rectangle select" tool and then crop the head.


Step one



Crop Your Head

You can use the menu or the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + X.

crop your picture




Use the magic wand and eraser to remove the background from behind your head

The areas that are clear are shown by the white and gray checkerboard pattern.

remove background


Save the picture of your headshot with the clear background as a .png file to your "My Pictures" folder with your name on it "robert-canlian-headshot-clear.png"

It is important to save the headshot as a .png file, it will retain the clear background. A .jpg will not.


Here is how it should look when you have removed the background from around your head:




Step Two

Open the "Wanted" poster picture ( File > Open )


open the wanted poster




Step Three

Add your head to the "Wanted" poster ( Layers > Import from file )

The headshot picture is added as a layer on top of the "Wanted" poster. You can resize the headshot picture by grabbing the corners or sides of the rectangle.




Save the finished "Wanted" poster to your "My Pictures" folder.


Wanted Poster Background Download

To download: Right click and "Save picture as..."

Wanted Poster Background



Blank "Wanted" poster background for adding your own text

The font used for the "Wanted" poster above is Algerian.

To download: Right click and "Save picture as..."

Wanted Poster Blank

Boy headshot picture by scottfeldstein (Flickr) CC License


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