K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Creating Comics

Students Create Comics with Cartoons and a Paint Program

Students use common graphic editing tools such as layers, magic wand, drawing tools, text tool, and the paint bucket to create their own comics.

This is an excellent lesson to discuss various image types such as .jpg .gif and .png.

Of particular interest in this lesson are the transparency features in .gif and .png files.

Students learn that they can delete the background of a .gif or .png image and make it transparent.


In this assignment students build their own comic knock knock joke with Paint.NET.

First students add a background image then add some characters.


Next students add some speech bubbles and text. Find jokes for the comics on the internet.


The free graphics program used here is Paint.NET




Finished Example:

Download: comic backgrounds and characters to use for this assignment.

create comics finished example



Step One:

1) Download the comic backgrounds and characters and make the cartoons available to the students on a shared folder or a photo gallery.

2) Import a background.

create a comic import background



Step Two:

Import the first character. Your character may have a background that needs to be removed.

create a comic import first character



Step Three:

Choose the magic wand on the toolbar and click on the background of the character. Click delete on the keyboard to remove the background.

create comic remove the background



Here is the result after deleting the background.

create comics magic wand result



Step Four:

Import an additional character and use the magic wand to delete the background if necessary.

create a comic import character



Step Five:

Use the ellipse and line tools to create speech bubbles. Fill the speech bubbles with the bucket tool.

create a comic use bucket tools



Step Six:

Use the text tool to add text to the speech bubbles. Add your name on the bottom corner of the picture.

create comics use the text tool




Save your picture.


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