Complete Photo Editing Lesson Kit


Photo Editing Kit Includes: Mini Tutorials, Templates, and Practice Photo Downloads

Students will use a photo editor to crop, lighten, darken, sharpen, resize and remove red eye from photos.

Students can use these techniques to improve the photos used in their technology integrated assignments with Powerpoint, slideshows, brochures, posters, movies, websites, etc.

Students use the free photo editor and drawing program Paint.Net for these exercises. Paint.NET works on Windows computers, but there is a Paint.NET clone made for Macs called Pinta: Painting Made Simple.

You might also be able to use Pixlr, the online photo editor that also has tools to remove backgrounds and supports the use of layers to put one picture on top of another.



Photo Editing Mini-Tutorials Slideshow Gallery

This slideshow gallery demonstrates how to perform the basic photo editing techniques using the free Windows program Paint.NET, but the techniques are similar for other photo editors.




Downloadable Photos for Editing Practice

Instructions: Download the .zip file of the photos below. Extract the photos to your pictures folder. Open a photo editor and use the editing tools to edit each photo.Save your edited photos in your 'My Pictures' folder. .

Full size photos - download all photos - (comes with extra photos)


these photos
crop the horses photo crop the wolves photo crop the monkey photo
lighten this scene lighten the grand canyon lighten the bridge
these photos
darken this background photo darken the bahamas photo darken the bahamas photo
Sharpen these photos sharpen the kitty photo sharpen the fox photo sharpen the birds photo
Resize these photos resize the picture resize the lion resize the bird photo


Red Eye

remove the red eye photo remove the red eye bunny photo get the red out


Photo Editing Fun - Template Student Handout

Download: photo-editing-fun-template-x4.docx

Photo Editing Fun Template


Photo Editing Fun - Lesson Template Finished Example

Students insert before and after pictures into the template. Students can add their own picture. Students add information explaining what tools or techniques they used to edit the pictures. Students add their name and save and / or print.

Download: photo-editing-fun-x-4-finished-example.docx


Photo Editing - Student Template