K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Coding for Kids - Shootin' Hoops - Scratch Project

Shootin' Hoops - This coding project guides students step by step through the programming logic necessary to create a game of shooting basketball hoops.


Students use the Scratch programming interface at https://scratch.mit.edu to create, save, and play their games.

Grades 4 +


Download Tutorial:



What Students will Learn:

Students will use coding logic concepts such as variables, loops, and conditional statements.


Students will learn how to position objects using X / Y coordinates, as well as how to use the graphics tools to create their sprites.


Students will learn to read and write code to create, test, debug, and play their games.




Shootin' Hoops Game Play Example:

Shootin' Hoops - Scratch Game



Shootin' Hoops Scratch Game


The object of the game is to throw the ball through the randomly moving hoop.


Get points for throwing the ball through the center of the hoop.


You can move the cat left and right. You can make the cat jump.


Use the Step by Step 16 page tutorial with screenshots of code to create your game.


Students will add or create the game sprites and learn to read and debug their game code. Learn loops, conditionals, variables.




Example Pages from the Shootin' Hoops Tutorial:

These are some sample pages of the tutorial to give you an idea of the content.

This project idea and it's code were created by Al Sweigart. He has a 21 minute video that teaches and clearly explains what each piece of code does and why. You can follow along as he builds the game step by step. He sells it for about a dollar or so in his Teachers Pay Teachers store. The video has high quality video and audio, and has great educational value for coding teachers and students alike. He also has several more Scratch videos both free and paid.


Shootin' Hoops Tutorial




Shootin' Hoops



Shootin' Hoops - Coding



Shootin' Hoops - Coding Challenge


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