K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Excel Lesson Plan - Lemonade Stand Expenses

Students Create an Lemonade Stand Expense Budget


Students create an expense budget for a lemonade stand with 6 days of expenses.

Students use the random number generator to get their item expenses for each day.


Students enter their data in the spreadsheet for each day. Students use a formula (sum) to calculate the total expenses for each day.

Grades 4 +





Lemonade Stand Expenses Finished Example

Download: excel-lemonade-stand-expenses-finished-example.xlsx



Lemonade Stand



Random Number Generator for the Lemonade Stand Sales and Expenses

Students can use this online random number generator to help them create the numeric values for their spreadsheet. Simply click the "Get Numbers Now!" button to generate random sales and expense numbers for the lemonade stand.

Lemonade Stand Random Number Generator



Excel - Lemonade Stand Instructions:

Basic guide to creating the lemonade stand expenses spreadsheet. The basic excel skills used here are entering data in cells, using "merge and center" for the title, "autofill" for the days of the week, and "autosum" to calculate the total expenses.

Download: excel-lemonade-stand-instructions.pdf



Excel Lemonade Stand Instructions


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