K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Google Classroom - M&M Chart

Students Create a Chart of M&M Candy Colors


Scenario: Students sort, count, and graph the number of M&M's in a handful or individual packet of M&M candies.


Assignment: Students create a simple spreadsheet and chart using the free Google Sheets template to illustrate the number and color of M&M's they have counted.


Grades 2+




Usage: Teachers download the files and make personal copies for themselves, then share the files with students as needed using Google Classroom or a Google Drive shared folder.


Download: google-sheets-m&m-chart-template


Download: google-sheets-m&m-chart-finished-example



Download: google-sheets-student-instructions-creating-a-simple-chart


Download: google-sheets-rubric-for-spreadsheet-with-chart



Google Sheets - M&M Chart Template

Download and share this Google Sheets template with students. Students enter their own title and spreadsheet data. Students create a chart using their data. Students add a relevant picture.

Google Sheets - M&M Chart



Google Sheets - M&M Chart - Finished Example:

A finished copy for teachers to download and use.

Google Sheets - M&M Chart Finished Example



Student Instructions: Google Sheets - Creating a Simple Chart

Download and make these instructions available to students to guide their Google spreadsheets creations. These instructions cover the basics of entering and formatting a chart title, entering data, and creating a chart.

Google Sheets - Create a Simple Chart



Spreadsheet Rubric for Grading Assignments:



Google Sheets Video Tutorial - How to Make Your First Chart

Learn how to create a simple google spreadsheet with a chart. This video covers the basics of entering and formatting a chart title, entering data, and creating a chart.

Time to Learn = 75 seconds