K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

PowerPoint Rocks and Minerals

Students Create a Rocks and Minerals PowerPoint

Students will research information and collect images about rocks and minerals using the internet.


Students will construct a Powerpoint presentation following the criteria on the handout on this page.

Students should use at least 4 different sources for their information.

This activity is a good opportunity to discuss plagiarism and citing of sources.

Grade 4 and up




Finished Example:

Students should find relevant images of the rocks for each slide.


Pictures should be clear and sharp. Simple layouts and backgrounds are preferable to busy, cluttered arrangements.


Text should be brief, students should not fill the slide with long text passages.




Download: rocks-and-minerals-handout.docx



Slide 1 - Title Slide

Students add a title, one or more images and their name.

PowerPoint Title slide.



Slide 2

Students add a title "Sedimentary Rock". Students add one or more images of sedimentary rocks and add facts about sedimentary rocks.

PowerPoint Sedimentary Rock



Slide 3

Students add a title "Metamorphic Rock". Students add one or more images of metamorphic rocks. Students add facts about metamorphic rocks.

PowerPoint Metamorphic Rock.



Slide 4

Students add a title "Limestone". Students add one or more image of limestone rock. Students add facts about limestone rock.

PowerPoint Limestone Rock slide.



Slide 5

Students add a title "Igneous Rock". Students add one or more images of igneous rock. Students add facts about igneous rocks.

PowerPoint Igneous Rock slide.



Slide 6

Bibilographys can be simple or more detailed. In this example only the URL's are used to reference information sources.

PowerPoint Bibliography slide.


Video: Learn PowerPoint in One Minute

Video: Learn PowerPoint in One Minute


This PowerPoint example handout covers an overview of Rocks and Minerals.

Alternately, students could focus on a single aspect for their report. For example, a complete presentation could cover the process of the rock cycle, or cover a discussion of sedimentary rocks about some common types, where they are found, how they are fomed, etc.


Rocks and Minerals Student Instructions Handout


rocks and minerals student handout



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