K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Excel - Movie Expenses for Two

Create an Excel Chart Showing Movie Expenses for Two

Instructions: A student and a family member go to the movies and buy two movie tickets along with some food and drinks. Students should select as many items as they can from the Mega Movies menu and price list without spending more than $55.00. Students create a spreadsheet using the items and prices chosen from the list. Students use a formula (SUM) to calculate the total cost. Students create a chart illustrating their movie expenses.

Grades 3+



Download: excel-mega-movie-menu-and-price-list.pdf


Download: excel-movie-expenses-spreadsheet-and-chart-finished-example.xlsx



Download: excel-student-instructions-movie-expenses-spreadsheet-and-chart.pdf


Download: rubric-for-spreadsheet-with-chart.pdf


Mega Movies Menu and Price List:

Excel - Movie Prices and Menu



Excel - Movie Expenses Chart - Finished Example

Excel Movie Expenses Chart Example



Student Instructions:



Excel Spreadsheet Rubric for Grading Assignments:

Spreadsheet Rubric



Make a Chart in Excel - A Two Minute Tutorial

This video shows you how to make a chart like the one in this assignment. It shows you how to increase the font size, widen a column, merge and center the title, format numbers with the dollar sign, total a column of numbers with autosum, create the chart, and change the colors of the chart column bars.

This video is available in HD.



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