K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Food Chain PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Students Create a PowerPoint about the Food Chain


Students use the internet to research facts about the food chain.


Students investigate and report facts about to roles of the Producers, different types of Consumers and the Decomposers.


Students should seek at least four reputable and reliable sources for their information.





This is a good time to discuss plagiarism and demonstrating how plagiarism can be checked by using free tools such as dustball.com.


Students should also provide a bibliography with at least web addresses where they have sourced their information and images.





Food Chain - PowerPoint Title Slide

Students should research images or create their own to illustrate the overview of the food chain. This image represents the Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers. Students could insert simple images of of grass, a rabbit and a coyote or a similar chain from a different biome or region.

Food Chain Lesson Plan



Food Chain Producers Slide

Students should provide facts about the plants as producers and provide illustrations depicting how plants use energy, C02 and water to make food.

Food Chain Producers



Food Chain Consumers Slide

Students should discuss the different types of consumers and the types of food they eat. Students should provide images of each type of consumer.

Food Chain Consumers



Food Chain Decomposers Slide

Students should provide information about the role of Decomposers in the food chain, and provide examples and images of some types of decomposers.

Food Chain Decomposers



Food Chain Bibliography Slide

Students should provide at least 4 quality resources where they sourced their information and images.

Food Chain


Video: Learn PowerPoint in One Minute

Video: Learn PowerPoint in One Minute



Food Chain PowerPoint Handout

Download Food Chain PowerPoint Handout


Food Chain Student Handout


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