K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

California Missions PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Students Create a California Missions PowerPoint Presentation

Students use the internet to research information and collect images about one of the California Missions. Students create an informative presentation about the mission's history, native people, crops grown and / or livestock raised and other interesting facts. They may be able to use information found in their textbooks.


This activity is a good opportunity to discuss plagiarism and bibliographies.

Grade 4



Download the California Missions worksheet.


California Missions Pictures


Students will use the internet to locate and save several mission photos.


The pictures should be clear and sharp.


Avoid tiny thumbnail images.


They can appear very blurry when stretched to fill space on the slides.


Try to find pictures that have at least one side that is 400px or larger.



Slide 1 Title Slide

Students add a title with the name of their chosen mission. Students add one or more images and their name.

California Missions PowerPoint 1



Slide 2

Students add a title "Mission Beginnings". Students add a map and indicate the location of their chosen mission. Students add facts about the mission's beginnings.

California Missions PowerPoint slide 2



Slide 3

Students add a title "Native People". Students add an image of the mission's native people. Students add facts about the native people's activities and skills.

California Missions PowerPoint - Native People



Slide 4

Students add a title "Interesting Facts". Students add one or more images and add some interesting facts about the mission.

California Missions PowerPoint Interesting Facts



Slide 5

Students add a title about the mission today. Students add a current image of the mission. Students add information about how the mission is currently used.

California Missions PowerPoint



Slide 6 - Bibliography

Students create a bibliography and cite at least four sources.

California Missions Bibliography



California Missions Student Worksheet:

California Missions Handout


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