K5 Computer Lab Lesson Plans

Respiratory System Diagram

Students Identify and Label Parts of the Respiratory System

Students use a word processor to label the parts of the respiratory system with text boxes and arrow shapes. Students insert several text boxes and add and format text inside. Students insert arrow shapes and format the arrow colors and sizes. Students save the finished document with a descriptive name and / or print. This activity integrates technology into the Life Sciences curriculum.

Extension: Students add information describing the functions of the parts of the respiratory system.



Respiratory System Diagram Finished Example:

respiratory system



Respiratory System Diagram Worksheet Example:

Students can use this template for the activity. Students can format the title and other text with different font styles, colors and sizes for improved visual appearance.

Students add text boxes for their name and the various parts of the respiratory system.

Students add arrow shapes to indentify the locations of the respiratory system parts.



Download: respiratory-system-diagram-template.docx


respiratory system worksheet



Respiratory System Plain Diagram

Students can use this plain diagram instead of the worksheet template above. Students can copy and paste or download and insert this into their blank documents.

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