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Excel Lesson Plan
My Zoo Animals Spreadsheet and Chart

Assignment: Students imagine they have a mini-zoo with several types of animals. Students use their worksheet to count how many mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, or amphibians they have. Students use their data to create a spreadsheet and pie chart illustrating the number of each type of animals in their zoo.

Download: excel-zoo-animals-finished-spreadsheet-example.xlsx

Excel Zoo Animals
Spreadsheet and Chart Finished Example:

Zoo Animals Spreadsheet and Chart Finished Example

Download: zoo-animals-handout-for-charting-01.docx

Download: zoo-animals-handout-for-charting-02.docx

Download: zoo-animals-handout-for-charting-03.docx

Download: zoo-animals-handout-for-charting-04.docx

Excel Zoo Animals Chart - Student Handouts

Distribute these handouts to the students. Students count the types of animals and enter the info on the handout. Students use the numbers to create their pie chart on a spreadsheet. (Excel, Google Spreadsheets, iWork Numbers, etc.) Each handout differs slightly from the others so there will be a variety of student chart results.

Zoo Animals Handout - 1

Zoo Animals Handout - 1

Zoo Animals Handout - 2

Zoo Animals Handout - 2

Zoo Animals Handout - 3

Zoo Animals Handout - 3

Zoo Animals Handout - 4

Zoo Animals Handout - 4

Excel - My Zoo Animals
Spreadsheet and Chart Instructions:

Make the zoo animals handout available to students. Students count how many mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds they have on their handout and write in their answers. Students open a spreadsheet program and add a title with their name in it (Sydney's Zoo Animals). Students enter their animal name types (Mammals, Fish, Reptiles, Birds) in column A, and the numbers they have of each type in column B. Students use the information to create a simple pie chart. Students may add related clipart to illustrate. Students save and / or print their finished work.

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