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Enrichment Activities | K-5 Computer Lab

Reading, Typing, Spelling

  • Keyboard Climber

    Keyboard Climber 2
  • It's Fun to Read

    It's Fun to Read
  • Spelling Practice

    Spelling Practice
  • Sight Word Bingo

    Sight Word Bingo
  • Alphabet Match

    Monster Mansion Alphabet Match
  • I'm Reading

    I'm Reading
  • Letter Match

    Letter Match
  • Kitten Hop

    Kitten Hop
  • Typing Rocket

    Typing Rocket


  • Counting Fish

    Counting Fish 3 Levels
  • Number Bingo

    Number Bingo
  • Skip Counting

    Bubble Skip Counting
  • Numerical Order

    Numerical Order 1-100
  • Money Bingo

    Money Bingo
  • Balloon Pop

    Balloon Pop
  • Numbers

    Comparing Values
  • Number Race

    Number Race Odd, Even,  Greater than, Less than,
  • Base 10

    Base 10 Bingo
  • Marble Math

    Marble Math
  • Fuzz Bugs

    Fuzz Bugs Graphing
  • Telling Time

    Telling Time