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K5 Technology Lesson Plans

About This Site - This is a site with technology lesson plans, ideas, and resources for elementary school children. There are resources for PC's, Macs, and iPads.

There are activities for word processing, spreadsheets and graphing, slide presentations, graphic arts, multimedia, internet research, coding, game programming, and more.

This site is for computer teachers, educational technology integrators, homeschoolers, and classroom educators to find ideas and ready to use resources for teaching.



Technology Lesson Plans Overview:

Kindergarten and First grade students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. Students will learn to change font sizes, styles, and colors as well as learn how insert, size, and position clipart / images, add page borders, and print documents. Students will also explore their creativity with the art programs on computers and tablets.


Second graders will utilize their foundation in typing and word processing to expand into more diverse skillsets including spreadsheets, slide shows, internet research, comic creations, coding / programming logic, iPad app presentations, and continue their development of word processing and typing proficiency.


Third graders will combine multiple skillsets to complete projects that challenge students to research facts, collect images, name, store, and manage filesets, and create multimedia presentations. Students will work with a variety of computer applications for spreadsheets, slideshows, word processing and will also use various apps on the iPad. 3rd graders will also explore coding and visual programming concepts.


Fourth and Fifth graders will be involved in science and social studies slide show presentations, a variety of research assignments, as well as coding and programming games. Students will also develop skills in graphic and photo editing, website creation, narrated slideshows, video screen capture, video editing, word processing, typing and emerging technologies.

What's Popular

For PC's and Microsoft Office:

Easy First Excel Chart Learn Excel - The Essentials in 4 Minutes Tri Fold Brochure Template
Excel Chart Lesson Master Excel in 4 Minutes - Video Tutorials Tri Fold Brochure
Family Tree Template Learn PowerPoint
in One Minute - Video
Photo Editing
Family Tree Template Learn PowerPoint in One Minute Photo Editing Fun

  • "I Am"
    Poem Generator
  • I am Poem Generator
  • Autobiographical
    Poem Generator
  • Autobiographical Poem Generator
  • I Have a Dream
    Poem Generator
  • I Have a Dream Poem Generator

Learn to Make Interactive Games

  • Animal Pong
    Coding for Kids
  • Coding for Kids - Animal Pong
  • Froggy Bug Eater
    Coding for Kids
  • Froggy Bug Eater - Coding for Kids
  • Shootin' Hoops
    Coding for Kids
  • Shootin' Hoops


Popular for iPads - iWork

Research Graphic Organizers

Insect Research
Graphic Organizer

Animal Research
Graphic Organizer
Biography Research
Graphic Organizer
Insect Research Graphic Organizer Animal Research Graphic Organizer Biography Research Graphic Organizer


Popular for iPads - iWork

For PC's and Microsoft Office

  • Excel Bar Chart

  • Excel Bar Chart
  • Thanksgiving
    Copy and Paste
  • Thanksgiving Copy and Paste
  • Green Screen
    Photo Editing
  • Green Screen Photo Editing
  • Computer Lab
  • Computer Lab Rules Essentials
  • California Regions
  • California Regions Brochure
  • Amazing Animals
  • Amazing Animals
  • I Am
    Poem Generator
  • I Am Poem Generator
  • "Floater"
  • I Can Float Animation
  • Learn PowerPoint
    in One Minute
  • Learn PowerPoint in One Minute
  • Copy and Paste
  • Copy and Paste Practice
  • M&M
  • Excel Pie Chart
  • NewsPaper
  • Newspaper Template



Popular for iPads - iWork

For iPads and Macs - iWork

  • iPad Bio

  • iPad Biography Summary
  • Character
  • iPad Character Analysis
  • First, Next, Then

  • First, Next, Then, Last Template
  • Main Idea
    and Details
  • Main Ideas And Details Template
  • Newspaper
  • iPad Newspaper Template
  • Spelling Words
  • iPad Spelling Words Comic
  • Reading
  • Reading Comprehension Trading Card - Character
  • Drawing
  • iPad Drawing Seasons
  • Frog Lifecycle
    Mini Poster
  • Frog Lifecycle Mini Poster
  • Historical Event
  • iPad Historical Event Comic
  • Labeling
  • iPad Labeling Bones
  • Easy Dropbox
  • Easy Dropbox Workflow for Teachers
  • iWork Numbers
    Shopping Expenses
  • iWork Expense Chart
  • iWork Numbers
    First Chart
  • iWork - First Chart
  • iWork Numbers
    M&M Chart
  • iWork M&M Chart
  • iWork Numbers
    Budget Chart
  • iWork Budget Chart