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Coding for Kids - Play Fetch! - Scratch Game Project

Play Fetch! - This coding project guides students step by step through the programming logic necessary to create a game of fetch using a series of challenging mazes.


Students use the Scratch programming interface at http://scratch.mit.edu to create, save, and play their games.

Grades 3 - 4+


Download Tutorial with Template:



What Students will Learn:

Students will use coding logic concepts such as variables, loops, and conditional statements.


Students will learn how to position objects using X / Y coordinates, as well as how to use the graphics tools to create their mazes.


Students will learn to read and write code to create, test, and play their games.




Play Fetch Video Game Play Example:


The object of the game is to guide the red dog toy through the maze.?


Get points for bouncing? the toy off the cat and for getting the toy to the dog.


Lose points for running off course and touching the green edges.


Complete all 10 maze levels to win the game.


Play Fetch - Pinterest

What is included in the Tutorial:


1) 15 pages of step by step instructions with screenshots of code to be used.


2) One premade game template with all graphics and sounds included.. The game has 10 levels of play.


3) The game template comes with 3 premade game mazes. These can be used to test and play the game as code is added and completed.


4) The game also has 7 blank starter mazes. Students draw their own mazes on these 7 templates.




Example Pages from the Play Fetch! Tutorial:

Scratch Coding - Play Fetch Tutorial



Scratch Coding - Play Fetch



Scratch Coding Project for Kids


Scratch Coding Projects for Kids


Scratch Coding for Kids


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