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Steve Lee Ignacio

Kindergarten Technology Lessons

Kindergarten technology lessons to develop mouse and navigation skills, strong keyboarding and writing proficiency as well as artistic drawing and painting ability.

By following the Kindergarten technology lessons outlined below, children will develop the ability to navigate and use a mouse proficiently, open and close programs, type as well or better than they hand write. Students will write words, sentences, and short paragraphs in a word processor.

Students will explore their creative side by drawing and painting with digital paint programs. They will also develop a natural comfort and sense of confidence using technology.



Kindergarten Technology Lesson Schedule:

The schedule begins the school year by familiarizing Kindergarteners with using the mouse. Many Kindergartners will need training and practice holding the mouse properly and learning how to click with their pointer fingers. Mouse Practice Games Here, Here or Here.

Jumpstart Kindergarten learning game works well for early mouse training and navigation skills. . This educational game covers a full year of pre-reading, early math, language, and creative arts. Additionally, children will use the keyboard simply to type their name into the program. This is a great time to introduce the backspace button to learn to fix spelling mistakes.

Jumpstart 1st grade and Jumpstart 2nd grade allow students to explore different and more challenging learning games when they are ready.

ABCya - online educational games incorporate grade level learning in math and language arts while developing computer skills. Good supplement or substitute for Jumpstart programs.

Typing is gradually introduced using Type to Learn Jr, where the children will initially type a few minutes each session (~10 minutes) working towards the ability to consistently type the entire alphabet. As the year progresses, children will type a few more minutes and include the numbers along with the alphabet, later adding upper case letters, punctuation and finally complete sentences. Near the end of the year, most students can type 20 - 30 minutes and complete the entire sequence of alphabet to sentences and earn a printed Certificate of Completion in Type to Learn Jr.

ABCya Typing and Dance Mat Online grade appropriate typing games. Good supplements or substitutes for Type to Learn Jr.

Word processing using Microsoft Word is interspersed with typing throughout the year. The lessons are often timed to write simple letters to parents for holidays and vacations. Kindergartners will learn how to use shift to capitalize letters, backspace to fix mistakes, and enter to go to a new line along with some basic font formatting and printing.

Kidpix is introduced to explore and develop children's creative drawing and painting ability. Students learn to use paint, watercolor, airbrush, pencil, crayon, marker, chalk, etc. The software has special effects (animate, smudge, smear, warp twist, etc.) sounds, backgrounds, stamps and the ability to import digital photos to personalize. This program is VERY engaging and fun for students of all ages.

Drawing Ideas - Ed Emberly's drawing books can be used teach drawing to even the youngest learner to draw using simple tools. Use your drawing program and these books to draw fun faces, animals and more.


Technology Learning Programs Kindergarteners Use:

Mouse Practice Mouse Practice - 20 different fun and age appropriate mouse games to practice mouse skills such as pointing, clicking, dragging, and releasing.
Typing Practice Keyboard Zoo - Simple online alphabet typing practice. Students use their index (pointer fingers) to type the letters they see.
Kindergarten Tech Lessons

Microsoft Office Word for practical writing experience by writing sentences, short paragraphs and letters. Students will print their work.

Kindergarten typing in the computer lab

Type to Learn Jr. - To practice typing the alphabet, numbers, punctuation, uppercase letters, and sentences. Students work towards certificates of completion. May not work on newer computers.

Kindergarten computer activities using the internet Internet Explorer - To find fun learning sites like ABCya and Starfall or to take a virtual tour of the White House.
Kidpix in the computer lab

Kid Pix - The classic and still the one of the best art programs for kids to explore and express their creative side.

Ed Emberley Drawing Books Ed Emberley Drawing Books- Classic books that show how to draw fun and wacky things using simple shapes. Use in conjunction with your digital drawing programs.
Jumpstart Kindergarten in the K-5 computer lab

Jumpstart Kindergarten - Fun learning games and puzzles that teach fundamentals like rhyming, counting, ordering sequencing shapes colors and telling time.

jumpstart first grade for the computer lab

Jumpstart 1st Grade -Teaches: reading, math, spelling, phonics, time, grammar, money.

Jumpstart 2nd Grade Jumstart 2nd Grade - Teaches math, science, and grammar skills. Addition, subtraction, vocabulary, reading, money.
ABCya Learning Games ABCya - Online educational learning games certified by school teahers. A good supplement or alternative to the Jumpstart programs.


August - Sept - Mouse Skills

Introduction - Rules of the Computer Lab - Computer Parts Names (1 session)

Introduction to the computer lab teacher, discuss what we will do in the lab. Talk about rules of the computer lab,  talk about how to sit in the chairs, raising hand to go to the bathroom, taking a buddy with you to the bathroom, washing hands before returning from bathroom. Discuss keeping hands to oneself, no running in the lab, keeping fingers out of mouth and nose. Following the same rules as in the regular classroom . Briefly review the names of the main computer parts such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU.

Mouse Practice - (1-12 sessions).

Mouse PraticeIntroduce the mouse practice programs. Make it easy to access the site with a shortcut on the desktop if possible. Show students how to hold the mouse. Show them how to click. Demonstrate a few of the mouse games. Let them do it. Observe. Put your hand over theirs and model usage as necessary. Wash your hands.


Jumpstart Kindergarten and / or ABCya (1-12 sessions).

Use of these games is ongoing and review is given as needed.

Jumpstart Kindergarten in the K-5 computer lab Introduce Jumpstart Kindergarten. Demonstrate how to open the program, how to enter the students' name, usage of backspace to fix mistakes, and basics of game play. Also demonstrate how to exit the game. Demonstrate a new game area in the program every 1 or 2 sessions. Review as necessary. They'll start letting you know when they don't need extra time spent reviewing.


ABCyaABCya Kindergarten - Introduce the site and demonstrate a few games. This is a good time to introduce the mouse scroll wheel and the scrollbar to access the many different games. Here are a few of my students' favorite games: Make a Face, Fun with the Fridge, Build a House, Make a GIngerbread House, Make a Cake.

October - November - December - Beginning Typing Skills

Typing Practice (12 - 20 ) sessions.

Kindergarten typing in the computer labType to Learn Jr. - Introduce the program and characters Shelby and Max. Demonstrate how to enter the students' name, use of backspace to fix mistakes. Explain and demo how to type the alphabet using both hands, using the red keys for left hand and purple keys for the right hand. Keep typing times 10 -15 minutes or less then allow kids to play other learning games for remaining time. Progress towards more time and typing uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation if possible in October and November.


Keyboard ZooABCya Typing - Keyboard Zoo - Introduce student to the program and demonstrate how to type the letters. This is a short program using only the uppercase alphabet. Use this for short days / sessions and have something else planned for when they are finished.


Dance Mat TypingDance Mat Typing - Online typing program for kids by the BBC. Four levels of practice. Not as thorough as Type to Learn Jr, but more comprehensive than ABCYa Keyboard Zoo.


ABCyaABCya - Make a Holiday Card - Make and print a holiday card for the family. Make a Snowman, Christmas Tree Fun, Make a Gingerbread House.


January - February - Typing and Drawing

Type to Learn Jr. (4 - 8 sessions)

Kindergarten typing in the computer lab Type to Learn Jr. - Review typing with two hands, walk around while kids type and use gentle reminders to use both hands, red keys are left hand, purple keys right hand. Time = about 15 - 20 minutes per session. Type the alphabet, numbers and uppercase letters. Add punctuation and sentences as proficiency improves.

Dance Mat TypingDance Mat - Continue using alternate typing programs as necessary or if you don't use Type to Learn Jr.


Kid Pix Introduction (4-8 sessions)

Kidpix in the computer lab Kid Pix - Introduce "Paint a Picture" section. Session 1 - Explain pencil, paint bucket, eraser tools. Draw a house, sun, sky scene. Session 2 - Review previous tools and add paint brush. Draw a picnic scene with trees, rainbow, sun , etc. Have fun with silly paint tools. Session 3 - Review previous tools and add stamps. Draw beach scene with waves and add boats, planes etc.

Ed Emberley Drawing BooksEd Emberly - Drawing using simple shapes - use the Ed Emberley books with a paint or drawing program (Kidpix)to demonstrate how to draw fun and wacky things. Use your document camera to project the book pages on your big screen to guide students.


March - Word Processing

Microsoft Word (4 - 8 sessions)

Microsoft Word Introduction (1-8) sessions.

Kindergarten Tech LessonsSession 1 - Introduce the program and explain it's usage for writing words and sentences in Kindergarten. Discuss how to open and close the program. Demonstrate backspace, enter, shift, undo keys. Write 1 or two short sentences and add the student's name. Print.

Multiple Sessions - Students write 1- 2 sentences for practice. Writing is based on Common Core Standards using these Weekly Writing Prompts with narrative, informative, and opinion writing.

Introduce adding graphical shapes (happy face, heart). Demonstrate font sizing, printing.


April - Word Processing

Microsoft Word

Weekly Writing Prompts (4 - 8 sessions)- Students practice word processing with narrative, informative and opinion writing.

Kindergarten Tech Lessons Happy Spring Break letters. Demonstrate how to add, size, delete, undo shapes. Kids can print by themselves or with assistance.


May - Word Processing

Microsoft Word

Weekly Writing Prompts (4 - 8 sessions)- Students practice word processing with narrative, informative and opinion writing.

Kindergarten Tech Lessons Happy Mother's Day Letters. Students will write Happy Mothers' Day letters and use graphic shapes to decorate their letter. Students will print their work.


June - Word Processing

Type to Learn Jr.

Kindergarten typing in the computer lab Type to Learn Jr. - Working towards earning typing completion certificates. By this time most of the children will be able to complete all the requirements - lower case alphabet, numbers, uppercase, punctuation and sentences.

Microsoft Word

Weekly Writing Prompts (4 - 8 sessions)- Students practice word processing with narrative, informative and opinion writing.

Kindergarten Tech Lessons Happy Father's Day Letters. Students will write Happy Father's Day letters and use graphic shapes to decorate their letter. Students will print their work.


Free Time - Play


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